Baby Shower


 Doll Show Baby Shower 2020

Join us Friday, June 12th

Be prepared to win prizes, enjoy wonderful food, and make some GREAT memories.

Join us Friday, June 12th at 7:00 pm for our Annual Baby Shower Event. This event sells out early, so make reservations early

Bring a gift to participate in the gift exchange as well… Gifts must be a new item of at least $25 value that you would like to receive yourself (because the gift you receive may coincidentally be the one you brought!).


List of Attendants:

Janae Avery
Gretchen Banker
Charles Banker
Juli Beckman
Maria Bjork
Soe Breeden
Courtney Brooks (2x)
Tiffany Campbell (2x)
Brenda Cooper
Angela Covington (2x)
Diane O Daniel
Dina Enes (4x)
Sharon Gregg
Stephanie Hayes (2x)
Linda Humphrey (2x)
Angie Jones
Laeni Kiriona
Maureen Kirksey
Carol Latoski
Katlin Lefo
Juanite Manda
Cheryl Martin (2x)
Brenda Maxwell
Kathy McPherson
Julie Molloy (2x)
Jami Myers
Lana Niemi (2x)
Vicki Orange
Sarahi Otero (4x)
Tahiti Outlaw
Devin Ricketts (2x)
Lisa Saunders (2x)
Martha Schaffer
Yulia Shaver
Natasha Shepheard (3x)
Bonnie Sieben
Sheryl Strowbridge
Deannea Tranter (2x)
Vanessa Trefethen (2x)
Cherry White
Angela Wilson (2x)
Lilia Ziems (2x)