2021 Rooting Course with Nikki Johnston

ATTENTION: The 2020 class has been canceled. The 2021 class dates will be posted soon! You can still register with the PayPal link below for this class to be taught at the 2021show. Contact Nikki directly with any questions. 



Rooting Class Details:

Duration: 2 days
Date: 10-11th June
Time: 9am-5pm (1hr lunch, bring you own)

Price: $450 (£350 approx) Can be paid in full
– $250 non refundable deposit to secure
you seat
– $200 balance to be paid by May 31st

Included: – Rooting needles
– Mohair
– Needle holder
– Rooting pillow
– Tweezers
– Scissors
– Mapping pen
– Hair Mapping Plan
– Small Brush
– Spray Bottle
– Notepad & Pen
– Cling Wrap

– Tea, Coffee, and some munchies

Students must bring:
– Small newborn size, soft vinyl head
– Magnifying rooting lamp. This is very Important to
bring!(pictured below)


Hi, my name is Nikki Johnston and I have been reborning for over 11 years now. I have also been a sculptor for just over 5 years now.

Over the past few years I have become absolutely obsessed with rooting. I just feel it can completely bring a doll to life!!

Come join me for 2 full days of fun and laughter, while learning the art of rooting hair!!

This class will take you step by step through the rooting process. As well as talking about the basics of rooting, we will also cover details like the crown swirl and cows licks that can occur in hairlines.

Learn the difference between quality of materials, types of needles and placement of hair follicles to achieve different thicknesses of hair. As well with a few do’s & don’t and tricks of the trade I’ve picked up in my 11 years of reborning.

I will provide water, tea and coffee; as well as a few nibbles. But please make sure to bring your own lunch.

Most of you supplies will be included, but it is essential that you bring a soft vinyl head to root, as well as a lit magnifying table lamp. You can see an example of one below.

.I’m so excited to meet everyone and have some fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at nikkis-seaside-babies@live.co.uk


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Rooting Class