Beginner Micro-rooting


My name is Sharon Gregg owner of Sharon’s Special Treasures

I have been rooting for others; artists and collectors, for 10 years. If you are a visual learner that would like instruction first hand then this class is for you.

You will be provided:

Rooting needles
Mohair in a baby brown
LED table lamps
Rooting pillow
water bottles
thinning shears
chalk for mapping out head

You will be responsible for bringing a reborn head painted and ready to be rooted. Preferably a head 13 inch circumference or smaller with soft vinyl. The rooting tool that I use will be available for purchase at the class ($10) or you can bring your own, or I will show you how to root with just the needle itself.

In this class you can expect to learn to map out the head and directional root in the natural growth pattern of a real baby including the crown swirl. Also how to cut and style the hair.

Important Notice: You WILL NOT finish the entire rooting of the head in this one day.

The cost of the class is $200
If you have questions email is

Feel free to visit my:
Facebook page
Instagram @sharonsspecialtreasures for more examples of my work

Limited to 10 eager students
Class is Tuesday June 18, 2019 9am-5pm with one hour lunch break (bring your own)
$100 non-refundable deposit
Balance payment due by April 1st 2019