Advanced Silicone Paint Course

with airbrush and correct matting technique

Lorraine Yophi and Enrroke



All students leave the course with a full body painted doll.

Technique in airbrush for more realistic details and translucent painting
Layers painting, Skin Tones Mottled, Veins, creases, blushing, glows effects
Fine details: lips, wrinkles, eyelids, Eyebrows, some hair in the front of the head, tiny capillaries, birth marks, scratches, nails, etc.

Correct use of the sponge, how to create your own sponge for special mottled Airbrush layers

Techniques of matting the silicone

Price of course $ 999 usd duration: 2 days. limited to only 10 people

Including all painting material

(Baby full body sculpt 15 inches by Lorraine Yophi Special Edition,
Certificate of Authenticity, Diploma of the Course. Silicone Pigments, Matting Powder, Sponges, Brush,
Diluyent, Special Gloves, Respirator Mask Goggles Set, Mix Plastic Plate, Baby Wipes,
baby cloth & Cloth diaper designed LorraineYophi)

Taught by Lorraine Yophi & Enrroke

Step by step, solving any problem that may arise in the process, tips, recommendations, etc.


She is a Fashion Designer and Publicist, professional photographer, professional makeup artist, painter and sculptor.

The art is in her DNA she is the third generation of artists in her family. From the age of 8 years she began to paint her first canvases in oil, at the age of 14 had her first art exhibition which was successful selling her first sculpture.

She was always very creative, had runways with her designs, that led her to win a fashion design contest. She currently has a brand of clothing specializing in pets, for the love he has always had for pets.

Discover reborn art since 2001, bought her first reborn dolls and collected, but it was not until 2012 that she began to make her first reborn babies, motivated by her daughter, began to model a baby for her, in social networks was very successful, so she decided to dedicate full time to baby sculpture.

She got second place in Rose Doll Show in Utha, USA in 2016 “Silicone of excellence” with a baby named Winnie She is always looking for more realism in each of her babies, in most of them have a drink & wet system.

Her work has been on vinyl dolls and silicone, he has made prototypes of vinyl and silicone.

She also took an advanced rooting course with Master reborn artist Jacqueline Kramer in 2016.

Their babies are all over the world, USA, Alaska, Canada, UK, England, Holland, Australia, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, etc.

She is an honorary member of: Doll Artist Illegal Doll Makers, Reallife silicone and new dolls and handmade, Artista Reborn Oficial International Community, Reborn Artist Selected by Excellence and others forums, IIORA, PRA*ISE ~ Reborns & Crafts of Distinction ©, Doll Fan, SAGS, etc.

From his childhood he was fascinated by the arts and he acted and sang in concerts from the age of 15, at the age of 20 he decided to dedicate himself to his passion and vocation (art). He studied fine arts in the Netherlands (Holland) where he taught art classes at the Creative Centrum Hoft 88, Almelo. He had his own Gallery in Holland.

After his arrival in Mexico was a disciple of Ricardo and Gabriel Ponzanelli collaborated in the realization of monuments and walls for different states of the republic. He has had exhibitions in Europe, Eduacor, China, Mexico and USA. His work is found in museums and private collections around the world.

Part of his work is in a Museum in the USA.

He recently made the bronze busts of the players of the national soccer team of Ecuador, and made the hyperrealist sculptures for the George Capwell Museum in Ecuador.

The work of Enrroke leaves the molds, is free of canons and oblivious to any subjugation or formula.

Between his sculptures we can find from the abstract to the hyperrelism, with all kinds of materials and techniques. Proving so that for his imagination, capacity and talent there are no limits.

He is an honorary member of: IIORA, Doll- fan, etc

Lorraine Yophi and Enrroke
Advanced Silicone Painting