2020 Contract

June 13-14, 2020
Orlando, Florida

Dear Exhibitor,

We are excited to announce the International Doll & Teddy Show 2020, located at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, Florida. As a valued exhibitor, we cordially invite you to join us again. The first four (4) years we have hosted the show in Asheville, NC, due to growth, and convenience for vendors, we have moved our show to Orlando, Florida! The Rosen Plaza has amazing accommodations and on-site amenities for both business and pleasure, and what else can be said except – Florida sunshine! We are excited to be moving the hotel and exhibition hall offers an affordable place to stay while being close to all the action happening on and around the show floor. Booth and Table prices are quite affordable.

What to expect for ID&TS 2020

  • Fabulous Events
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Affordable Rates
  • Artists from around the world
  • Amazing Facilities
  • Florida Sunshine!

Please refer to our:

  • Website – https://www.internationaldollandteddyshow.com
  • Facebook Page – International Doll & Teddy Show
  • Rosen Plaza – https://www.rosenplaza.com/


Space is limited on the show floor, so please contact us to reserve your place at the ID&TS 2020. In this package, you will find the information you will need to exhibit at ID&TS 2020, including the official Exhibitor Application and Contract.

International Doll and Teddy Show



  1. Please read the whole contract carefully for the rules and regulations.
  2. Submitting this form electronically from the ID&TS website or via mail constitute the same Legal Contractual agreement between the parties.
  3. If you submit the form here through the website a copy of the submitted form will be emailed to you when you hit "submit".
  4. You may download this contract to print and mail to ID&TS by clicking HERE.



Exhibitor Space Pricing for the ID&TS 2020 show is based on the following.

Booth Rates: No shared booths

Booth price includes one (1) table for your 10x10 booth, two chairs, pipe and drape, table cover, skirting, all black waste basket, hot lunch for one - each show date.
10’X10’ Corner Booth $605.00 each
10’X10’ Booth $555.00 each
10'X6' Booth $545.00
Extra Tables(BOOTHS ONLY) $45

Exhibitor table $335.00

for Booth $200
for Table $150

WiFi $35

These Prices reflect Paying by Check Sent To ID&TS. Should you chose to use PayPal there is a convenience fee added to the listed price.


Rules and Regulations

    • ID&TS Reserves the right to reject any exhibit application for any reason
    • Exhibit Spaces are sold based upon availability
    • ID&TS Reserves the right to assign, and re-assign locations. NO REFUNDS ON ANY PAYMENTS
    • If paying in full - Deadline for Total Balance Due is JANUARY 1 2020
    • If paying by payment plan - Deadline for Total Balance Due is MAY 1 2020.
    • Exhibitors are not allowed to subcontract booth space.


Additional Terms and Conditions – ID&TS 2020

  1. Use of Space: ID&TS reserves the right to decline, prohibit or expel any exhibit which, in its judgment, is
    out of keeping with the characteristic of the show. This reservation being all inclusive as to persons, things,
    printed matter, products, conducts, sound level, etc. The State of North Carolina requires that all dealers
    collect and file the appropriate state and local taxes on retail sales and file the appropriate sales and use tax
    forms with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. No exhibitor shall assign or sublet any portion
    of his assigned space without the written request and consent of ID&TS.
  2. Exhibitor Personnel: Only 1 Exhibitor and 1 Assistant is permitted in each exhibit space, and said space
    may only be used to display and sell Dolls, Bears or other related items. Exhibitor's display may not extend
    beyond the limits of the Exhibitor's booth, nor may it extend into the aisle.
  3. Additional PAYMENT Information: All payments MUST BE IN U.S. FUNDS are non-refundable and
    non-transferable. Minimum Non-Refundable Deposit is as shown above of the Total Booth/Table Fee &
    must accompany the Contract upon submission. Payments may be made by Cash, Check, Money Order, or
  4. Contract Requirements: This Application & Contract is not valid unless it is signed by an authorized agent
    of the Exhibitor and accompanied by the deposit. The Balance must be paid and received no later than
    April 1, 2020. Failure to do so may cause Exhibitor to forfeit his/her booth with no refund due. The
    undersigned hereby expressly represents and warrants that he/she is authorized to execute this binding
    Contract on behalf of the Exhibitor named above, and acknowledges that he/she has read and accepts all the
    terms stipulated on all the pages of this Application. This Exhibitor Application & Contract is governed by
    the rules and regulations which are incorporated herein and made a part hereto.
  5. Cancellation: Please Note, there will be no refunds issued on booth or table spaces rented.
    The exhibitor shall be responsible for the exhibit space contracted. If for any reason ID&TS beyond its
    control to include the facility being damaged by fire, act of God, public enemy, war, strikes, authority of
    the law, postponement or cancellation of the exhibition, or for any reason beyond the control of ID&TS;
    ID&TS will reimburse exhibitor on a pro-rated basis on any amount paid in, less any and all legitimate
    expenses incurred, such as but not limited to facility rent, advertising, salaries, operating costs, etc.
  6. Counterfeit Dolls: ID&TS strictly prohibits the use or sales of counterfeit dolls. Anyone caught with
    counterfeit dolls will be required to leave and banned from the show. ID&TS reserves the right to check
    exhibitors COA's and/or inventory at any time while on the show floor for counterfeits. By signing this
    contract you the exhibitor agree to abide by these set terms.


Type of Location and any Add-ons (required)

Select the type of location you are contracting for
10 X 10 Corner Booth $60510 X 10 Booth $55510 X 6 Booth $545Exhibitor Table $335

Select all items you would like to add to our location
WiFi $35Extra Table (Booths Only) $45

* Select Desired Payment Arrangement * (required)