Advanced Painting Course in Silicone with Airbrush Technique
Correct Matting Technique + Silicone Micro Rooting Technique

All students leave the course with a full body painted doll.

  • Technique in airbrush for more realistic details and Translucent painting, Layers painting, Skin tones, Mottled, Veins, creases, blushing, glows effects
  • Fine details: lips, wrinkles, eyelids, Eyebrows, some hair in the front of the head, tiny capillaries, birth marks, scratches, nails, etc.
  • Correct use of the sponge, how to create your own sponge for special mottled
  • Airbrush layers
  • Techniques of matting the silicone
  • Silicone Micro Rooting Technique, grafting guides, how to use the special needle and where to place the hair, direction and inclination of the correct hair, this technique can also be applied to vinyl.

June 2020 on the 10th, 11th, 12th

Price of course $ 1299 usd

  • duration: 3 days
  • one group, limited capacity
  • including all painting material & all material for micro rooting
  • (Baby full body sculpt 15 inches by Lorraine Yophi Special Edition
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Diploma of the Course
  • Silicone Pigments, Matting Powder, Sponges, Brush, Diluent, Special Gloves, Respirator Mask Goggles Set, Mix Plastic Plate, Baby Wipes, all material for micro rooting ( hair, needle, brush, etc.) baby cloth & Cloth diaper designed Lorraine Yophi

Taught by Lorraine Yophi & Enrroke
Step by step, solving any problem that may arise in the process, tips, recommendations, etc.

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IDTS 2020 advanced silicone painting class