Baby Shower


Get ready to have the most amazing time! 

Prizes, wonderful foods, and making some GREAT memories.

Join us Thursday June 20th at 7:00 pm

Tickets are $68 each

There will be 25 silicone babies donated by Yulia Shaver & D3 Creation to be given away, as well as kits, supplies, dolls, and loads of other amazing goodies!

Bring a gift to participate in the gift exchange as well. Gift must be a new item of at least $25 value that you would like to receive yourself. (because you might just end up with your own gift!)


Big Bend Garden Salad – grapevine tomatoes, broccoli, golden pineapple, cubed pepper jack cheese, & chopped egg. Creamy Parmesan Peppercorn and Mango Vinigrette dressing

Cucumber & Tomatoe Salad

Garden Pasta Salad

Southern Style Crispy Chicken

Grilled Hambergers & Hot Dogs

BBQ sauce, sliced cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, relish, sliced tomatoes & sweet onion, lettuce, pickles, assorted sandwish breads


Keylime Pie

Peanutbutter & Chocolate chip cookies


*Seating is 7 per table*TABLE 1 (ID&TS STAFF) Georgie Brown, Stacey Haskins, Sierra Duffer, Josh Feno, Johnathan Feno

TABLE 2 (FULL SOLD OUT)  Denise Osterhout, Yulia Shaver, Laini Kiriona, Sarahi Otero, Sarahi Otero, Emily Gentry Goldman, Kristin Englert, Layla Englert

TABLE 3 (FULL SOLD OUT) Angie Jones, Deborah McCandless, Denise Krieser, Ann Burris, Kathy Gentry, Michelle Hagins, Susan Donnally

TABLE 4 (FULL SOLD OUT) Susan Gibbs, Jennie Lee, Elsie Rodriguez, Elsie Rodriguez, Elsie Rodriguez, Priscilla Anne, Deannea Tranter, Lana Niemi

TABLE 5 (SOLD OUT, FULL) Stephanie Hayes, Zoe Breeden, Angel Strickland, Angel Strickland, Ashley Stone, Ashley Stone, Jerry Orange

TABLE 6 Peggy Shaw Plant, Peggy Shaw Plant,  Linda Humphrey, Linda Humphrey, Cynthia Nance, Cynthia Nance, 

TABLE 7 (SOLD OUT, FULL) Maria Grover, Maria Grover, Vanessa Trefethan, Bonnie Trefethan, Diana Kaffaga, Pilar Arias, Pilar Arias, Dina Enes, 

TABLE 8 Staci Neal, Staci Neal, Tiffany Acosta, Diane Owens, Delorese Letourneaux,  Delorese Letourneaux,  

TABLE 9 Lisa Saunders, Tye Jackson, Patty Floyd, Kaye Holland, Angela Covington,

TABLE 10 Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez

TABLE 11 Olivia Beck, Olivia Beck, Olivia Beck,