Baby Shower


Get ready to have the most amazing time! 

Prizes, wonderful foods, and making some GREAT memories.

Join us Thursday June 20th at 7:00 pm


There will be 25 silicone babies donated by Yulia Shaver & D3 Creation to be given away, as well as kits, supplies, dolls, and loads of other amazing goodies!

Bring a gift to participate in the gift exchange as well. Gift must be a new item of at least $25 value that you would like to receive yourself. (because you might just end up with your own gift!)


Big Bend Garden Salad – grapevine tomatoes, broccoli, golden pineapple, cubed pepper jack cheese, & chopped egg. Creamy Parmesan Peppercorn and Mango Vinigrette dressing

Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Garden Pasta Salad

Southern Style Crispy Chicken

Grilled Hambergers & Hot Dogs

BBQ sauce, sliced cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, relish, sliced tomatoes & sweet onion, lettuce, pickles, assorted sandwish breads


Keylime Pie

Peanutbutter & Chocolate chip cookies

*Seating is 7 per table*TABLE 1 (ID&TS STAFF) Georgie Brown, Stacey Haskins, Sierra Duffer, Josh Feno, Johnathan Feno

TABLE 2  Denise Osterhout, Yulia Shaver, Laini Kiriona, Sarahi Otero, Sarahi Otero, Emily Gentry Goldman, Kristin Englert, Layla Englert

TABLE 3  Angie Jones, Deborah McCandless, Denise Krieser, Ann Burris, Kathy Gentry, Michelle Hagins, Susan Donnally

TABLE 4  Susan Gibbs, Jennie Lee,  Priscilla Anne, Deannea Tranter, Lana Niemi, Cherry White 

TABLE 5  Stephanie Hayes,  Angel Strickland, Angel Strickland, Ashley Stone, Ashley Stone, Jerry Orange, Adelle Duchene

TABLE 6 Peggy Shaw Plant, Peggy Shaw Plant,  Linda Humphrey, Linda Humphrey, Cynthia Nance, Cynthia Nance, Cindy Baun

TABLE 7  Maria Grover, Maria Grover, Vanessa Trefethan, Bonnie Trefethan, Diana Kaffaga, Pilar Arias, Pilar Arias, Dina Enes, 

TABLE 8  Staci Neal, Staci Neal, Tiffany Acosta, Diane Owens, Delorese Letourneaux,  Delorese Letourneaux,  Tina Bloomfield, Tina Bloomfield 

TABLE 9 Lisa Saunders, Tye Jackson, Patty Floyd, Kaye Holland, Zoe Breeden, Angela Covington, Tahitie Outlaw

TABLE 10 Isaac Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac, Gonzalez, Isaac Gonzalez, Katherine Biscuiti, Flory Castro, Flory Castro

TABLE 11   Olivia Beck, Olivia Beck, Olivia Beck, Gabrielle Tapia, Gabrielle Tapia, Sonya Shelton Lois Williams, Lois Williams

TABLE 12 Jasmin Marshall, Jasmin Marshall, Rozonn Rickerby, Rachel LeFlamme, Rachel LeFlamme, Angela Wilson, Angela Wilson, Ann Fuller