2019 ID&TS Awards Banquet


Join us as we take this years banquet back to our roots with great food, some AMAZING giveaways, beautiful crystal trophies, and after party celebration complete with DJ & dancing!

Donations for prizes have already been given by the following artists:

Connie Lowe (Marbled Halls) … http://www.marbledhalls.com/
Bo Bergemann … https://www.bobergemann.gallery/
Maureen Carroll (Twisted Wickets) … https://www.facebook.com/Twistedwickets/
Kristin Englert … https://www.facebook.com/kristin.englert.5
Susan Gibbs … https://dizondesigns.com/
Elsie Rodriguez … https://www.facebook.com/elsie.rodriguez.75
Stacey Haskins … https://www.facebook.com/realisticartdolls/
Maria Grover … https://marialynndolls.com/
~~~~ and MORE to come!

There will be a full bodied silicone baby sculpted by Elsie Rodriguez, poured by D3 Creation, given away at each table!
DO NOT MISS OUT on this spectacular event!
Secure your seats today by purchasing your ticket.

Seating is limited and will sell out! Don’t wait. Get your seat, and your chance to own one of our AMAZING prizes, TODAY!

Banquet Schedule of Events

Dolls Magazine ‘s Artist Signing event beginning at 6:00 pm outside the ballroom
Banquet check in and assigned seating starting at 6:30 pm
Official welcoming by Georgie Brown & Stacey Haskins 7:00 pm
Dinner will begin after official welcome
Awards ceremony will begin at 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm with ID&TS Outstanding Artistry Awards, and Artist of the Year Award, followed by Dolls Magazine Diamond Awards presented by Diana Jones
Table top giveaways announced & donation giveaways announced
Closing ceremony by Georgie & Stacey
Afterparty will begin immediately following the closing ceremony. Complete with live DJ, and dancing the night away.


Banquet Menu:

Creamy Clam Chowder, oyster crackers

Plaza Lettuce Blend Salad

Shoestring carrots, chopped egg, sweet berry tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons

Balsamic & Sweet Vidalia onion dressings

Chayote Slaw

baby heirloom tomatoes, charred poblano peppers

Herb Grilled Asparagus & onion salad

Chilled peal & eat shrimp steamed in beer with cocktail souce & spicy remoulade

Clam & Mussel Pot with roasted choizo sausage steamed with chardonnay, garlic, butter and fresh parsley

Steamed whole Maine lobster

drawn butter & lemon (split to order, 1 per person)

Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak, Rosemary Au Jus

Butcher-block Whole Roasted Jerk Chickens (Chef attended)

Baked Wild Cod

Fennel, Tomato & black pepper

Grilled Veggies & corn cobbetts

Parmesan dusted poached baby red potatoes

Buttermilk chive cornbread, rolls, & sweet butter


Blueberry Pie, Orange Upsidedown Cake, & Chocolate Caramalized Banana Cake

Gourmet teas, and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee (Reg & Decaf)


Seating Chart

*Each table seats up to 8 people MAX*

STAFF TABLE (not available) Stacey Haskins, Georgie Brown, Sierra Duffer, Josh Feno, Josh Feno, Johnathan Feno, Johnathan Feno,  Diana Jones, Diana Jones

TABLE 1 Denise Kreiser, Ann Burris, Liliana Kapuscinska,

Liliana Kapuscinska, (3 seats avialable)

TABLE 2  (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Dan Osterhout, Denise Osterhout, Laura Tuzio Ross, Laura Tuzio Ross, Laura Tuzio Ross, Laura Tuzio Ross, Laura Tuzio Ross

TABLE 3 (not available)  RESERVED 

TABLE 4 (not available) RESERVED 

TABLE 5 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Laurie Roy, Laurie Roy, Lanie Kiriona, Lanie Kiriona, Lanie Kiriona,  Kristin Englert, Kristin Englert, Kristin Englert

TABLE 6 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Susan Gibbs, Elsie Rodriguz, Elsie Rodriguz, Elsie Rodriguz, Elsie Rodriguz, Jennie Lee, Maria Grover, Maria Grover 

TABLE 7 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Michelle Hagins, Deborah McCandless, Angie Jones, Lorna Miller Sands, Lorna Miller Sands, Lorna Miller Sands, Lana Niemi, Priscilla Anne

TABLE 8 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Peggy Shaw Plant, Peggy Shaw Plant, Martha Shaffer, Martha Shaffer, Vickie Traufler, Donna Hunter, Kathy Gentry, Jeanne Larson

TABLE 9 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Dina Enes, Dina Enes, Angel Strickland, Angel Strickland, Ashley Stone, Ashley Stone, Yulia Shaver, Emily Gentry Goldman

TABLE 10 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Charlene Smith, Trish Briesch, Merle Perch, Stephanie Hayes, Alejandra de Zuniga, Alejandra de Zuniga, Lorraine Yophi, Lorraine Yophi,

TABLE 11 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Connie Lowe, Connie Lowe, Valerie Zeitler, Valerie Zeitler, Deanna Sosnowski, Esther Manso, Esther Manso, Jennifer Razoux

TABLE 12 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT)   Angela Wilkins, Angela Wilkins, Rosanna Eso, Brian Eso,  Vicki Perry, Sondra Shelton, Rachel LaFlamme, Rachel LeFlamme

TABLE 13 (FULL, SOLD OUT)  Denae Culbreth, Brian Culbreth, Sharon Gregg, Sharon Gregg, Pilar Arias, Pilar Arias, Anna Potapova and Anya Anderson

TABLE 14 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT)  Bianca dos Santos, Luciana Miglioranzi, Luciana Miglioranzi, Tracy Bromlow, Tracy Bromlow, Cindy Baun, Diane Owens, Cherri Freto, Cherri Fretto

TABLE 15 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Samantha Gregory, Samantha Gregory, Nikki Johnston, Deannea Tranter, Vanessa Trefethen, Vanessa Trefethen, Vanessa Trefethan, Manouk Waij

TABLE 16 (FULL TABLE, SOLD OUT) Nancy Corriveau, Nancy Corriveau, Linda Humphrey, Linda Humphrey, Maureen Kirksey, Maureen Kirksey, Tina Bloomfield, Tina Bloomfield

TABLE 17 (FULL, SOLD OUT) Sarahi Otero, Sarahi Otero, Tiffany Acosta, Tracy Haynes and Madilyn Driggers, Yelena Zasyatkina, Yelena Zasyatkina,  Judy Pollard