Your shipping will be very affordable and convenient.

2019 ID&TS Doll Show will have Flat rate shipping prices.

50 pounds  and under … Each box will cost $8 … With a max fee charged being $25 (send 5 boxes under 50 pounds only be charged $25)
Over 50 pounds … Each box will cost $20

There will be no other hidden / surprise fees ! 

Packages will be delivered to you at the Hotel (if you need them before set up day) or Delivered to the Freight Door of the showroom floor (there will be people on hand to help you get your items to your booth if you need assistance) depending on your needs.

Arrival of your shipment to Orlando must be between May 20 – June 14 … anything arriving after June 14th will be charged a VIP handling fee of $25 a box.

A Shipping “clerk” will be available after the show next to the Freight Door to ship your taped and ready to ship boxes. We will offer FedEx and US Postal service as shipping methods. again the same “fees” as listed above will be charged.

Final details will be included in your Vendor contract