Exhibitors Floor Map and Listing

2019 IDTS Hotel map

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2019 IDTS Vendor map

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Vendor List - many are links to view their website

101 Angie Jones201 Lorraine Yophi Yophi Babies 301 Luciana Miglioranzi 401 Maria Grover
Maria Lynn Dolls
501EYECO Ltd
102Patricia Rowe
One of a Kind Fantasy Art
202Patricia row302 Luciana Miglioranzi402 Kristin Englert502Donna Martin
Little Punkins
103Emily Gentry Goldman203 303 Diane's Doll Shoppe403 D3 Creation503Rebecca Chamblee
Becky's Cradle
104GUILD204304 Bo Bergemann404 Stacey Haskins Art Dolls
Meraki Studios Stacey Haskins Art Dolls
504Angela Wilkins
105GUILD205*305 Nancy Latham Wistful Children 405 Karen Baker Original Clay Sculptures505Pam Pontious
Pamda Bears
106GUILD206*306 Charlene Smith My Meadow Dolls406Debbie Weimert
OOAK clay sculptures
506Denae Culbreth
107 GUILD207JPOP dolls
307 Charlene Smith My Meadow Dolls407Vicki Traufler
Carolina Cuties Nursery
208Ashton Drake Galleries308 Connie Lowe Marbled Halls408Lisa Saunders 508
108Martha Schaffer 209Ashton Drake Galleries309 Connie Lowe Marbled Halls 409 Alejandra de Zuniga 509Tiffany Campbell
109Courtney Brooks *
110Peggy Shaw Elder 220 Lori Platt The Pixie Knoll320 Maureen Carroll Twisted Wickets420 Laura Tuzio Ross My World of Babies 520Melissa McCroy
111Esther Manso
My Soul at Play Studio
221 Lorna Miller Sands Originals 321 Maureen Carroll Twisted Wicketts 421 Laura Lee EaglesOriginals521 Rosemary Melia Brutto
112Daisy Daisy Nursery Irish Reborn Dolls222 Deborah McCandless Deb's Darlings322 Jennifer Latham Outsider Dolls422 Just Matte 522Courtney Brooks
113Nikki Hastings223Michelle Hagins Sweet Pumpkins Nursery 323 DOLLS Magazine
Diana Jones
423 Nikki Britt
Nikki Britt Studios
523Diana Ussery
114Jeni Razoux 224Latrice Rolle- A Little Blessing of Paradise Reborn Nursery324 Wendy Collins Collins Gift Shop 424Yulia Shaver
524Jane Woodward
225Esther Romain- Gracious Boundles325Darlene Allen
Raspberry Bears
425Dina Meneses Enes 525Susan Mckay
Bears of the Abbey
120 Reynolds Advanced Materials 226Dionne Miller- Bloomers and Britches326 BJD Outfitters426Jennie Lee526Stephanie Hayes
121Wee LittleOnes Reborn Nursery227B’eB’e Bijoux 327 Valerie Zeitler Val's Rag Patch427 Elsie Rodriguz
OOAK Originals
122Pastora Heredia Gonzalez
Baby Love Reborn Nursery
228Natalie Ruiz Fantasy Art 328 Valerie Zeitler Val's Rag Patch428 Susan Gibbs 527Akie Yamada
123528Roselaine Dal'Mas
124529Anna Potapova
125530Dolls of Mine Designs
BJD fashion wear
126531Anya Anderson
127532Carol Latoski
128Baby And Kids Unlimited 533Jane Cotsimire

Vendor Contracts Are available

they can been found at http://www.internationaldollandteddyshow.com/2019-contract/

Artist Setup   Thursday June 20th   9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Possible Vendor Costs

10×10 Corner Booth $635
10×10 Booth $595.00
Exhibitor Table $295.00
Wifi $35
Electric $35
extra booth tables $45
Deposit for Booth $200.00
Deposit for Table $150.00

****These prices reflect paying by check sent to ID&TS … should you choose to use the PayPal buttons below there is a convenience fee added to the above listed prices.****

Corner Booth / Regular Booth / Deluxe Table
With option to package Elec / WiFi / Extra Table

Corner 10×10 booth

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Exhibitor Booth Package

10×10 booth

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Exhibitor Booth Package

Deluxe Table … Currently sold out

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Individual items

Wifi Only

Electric Only

Extra table Only